Noel McCormick, President of McCormick & Stevenson

McCormick Stevenson delivers mechanical engineering services to Prime contractors in the Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security industries, with a focus on Amendments, Weapons and Rugged Electronic Systems. We help reduce program risk through clear requirements definition, firm-fixed-priced engagements, and the immediate application of qualified and experienced staff.

Rep. Mike Waltz (FL-06) supports CI client program in Armed Services Committee Hearing (April 2019).

Capitol Integration was able to build a strong, constructive relationship with the Congressional delegation from the client’s district. As a result, Congressman Waltz specifically addressed a program critical to our client’s business in a HASC Hearing with the US Navy’s Chief of Naval Operations, to stress the relevancy of the program for national security and raise the issue of its continued funding in the federal budget.



Below are a sampling of anecdotes reflective of the type and breadth of support Capitol Integration provides its clients. Company identities are purposely vague out of respect for each client. Specific details and reference contacts are available upon request.

ClientMultibillion-Dollar International Firm

The company wanted to expand its reach from commercial into federal sales, specifically to shape agency policy and market their proprietary security capabilities to the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Health and Human Services. Capitol Integration orchestrated a strategy and senior-level agency and Congressional meetings that satisfied all objectives.

ClientLarge Corporation

This business, with a very mature program of record required help “defending” its 200+ million-dollar budget line during the often volatile defense authorization and appropriations process. Capitol Integration continues to defend the interests of this company and the U.S. Navy’s stated requirement thereby assuring predictable sales cycles.

ClientShipbuilding Company

This large company was facing early termination of a major program of record as Congress and the U.S. Navy threatened to proceed with courses of action based on incorrect or incomplete information. Capitol Integration helped integrate the coordination of correct and timely messaging with Industry, the U.S. Navy and Congress. Today the program of record continues to thrive supporting vital U.S. Navy ship requirements.

ClientSmall Startup

This new company required assistance pursuing a waiver that would allow the commercial sale of a proprietary technology initially developed via a SBIR contract for use by U.S. Special Forces. Capitol Integration guided the company’s leadership team through an at times tedious and bureaucratic process, incorporating Congressional support at key moments, which ultimately resulted in a successful outcome. The financial impact to this start-up will result in additional commercial sales exceeding $100 million dollars.

ClientSmall Military Tech Company

This company, with multiple existing U.S. Navy customers, needed assistance expanding its business case and identifying new funding opportunities. Capitol Integration helped the company revamp its strategic approach to the U.S. Navy customer, assisted with broadening connections to senior U.S. Navy leaders, and identified a funding strategy that integrated Congressional support with the federal budget process.

ClientDomestic & International Company

A large company with U.S and international interests needed help with a policy decision that had an unintended side-effect of hampering competition and threatening a U.S. industrial base capability. Capitol Integration identified an approach strategy with the White House and Department of Defense that caused the policy to be reviewed and interpreted more favorably for U.S government and industrial base interests.

ClientSmall Commercial Company

A company with no federal sales wanted to penetrate the U.S. federal market. Capitol Integration helped identify opportunities and contracting vehicles available to help speed the company’s introduction to the federal customer. Complementing the sales effort with introductions to potential industry partners and associations of interest, the company is now better positioned to more credibly present itself within the federal marketplace.