Quick Hit – April 20, 2016

What Happened Yesterday? In the House… The House Armed Services Committee (HASC) released the six subcommittee (Emerging Threats and Capabilities, Readiness, Military Personnel, Tactical Air and Land Forces, Seapower and Projection Forces, and Strategic Forces) markup bills for the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The full committee markup will be released by Chairman Mac […]

Quick Hit – April 11, 2016

Appropriations season is in full swing as the Senate subcommittees continue to meet and the House comes back into session on Tuesday. The House will resume its budget negotiations this week, but is unlikely to have gained much progress during the Easter recess. In the meantime, see below a brief outline of what can be […]

Quick Hit – March 28, 2016

VA/MILCON appropriation advances amid a Budget Stalemate: On Tuesday, March 22, the House Appropriations Committee released their initial mark of the FY17 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill. The total discretionary spending for the bill comes to $81.6 billion, which is $1.8 billion over FY16 levels and $1.2 billion less than the President’s budget […]

Quick Hit – March 15, 2016

Budget Talks, Mark-Ups, and What’s Coming Up: What Happening with the Budget?  Congress is again struggling to set a budget topline number from which the appropriations process can flow. We have lived without a budget in years past, and likely will again this year.  As reported in previous Quick Hits, the budget itself is a […]

Quick Hit – February 24, 2016

Things you should know …a periodically published set of common questions and answers. We are often asked by clients to clarify aspects of the federal budget and funding process. Headlines are often confusing or wrong, and articles are often incorrect or poorly sourced.  What business leaders generally want to know is ground truth and what it […]

Quick Hit – February 12, 2016

The Defense Budget Same headlines, different year?  Not really. Beginning with the end in mind, we anticipate a continuing resolution (CR) at least into December. Why? You guessed it, the elections. The Congressional calendar in the beginning of the year is robust. However, after mid-July, there are only 17 scheduled legislative days in session before […]

Quick Hit – February 2, 2016

What’s Coming Next Week in Defense… On February 9 the Obama administration will release its budget proposal for the 2017 fiscal year. The expected topline defense proposal according to the October 2015 budget deal should be $583 billion, split $524 billion in base budget funding and $59 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations funding.   The […]

Quick Hit – January 18, 2016

Congress: Congress has returned for the second session of the 114th Congress; Floor actions on the near horizon include: North Korea sanctions enforcement; Iran Terror Finance Transparency and proposed changes to Senate filibuster rules The Budget: FY17 budget will be delivered one week later than usual on February 9th (technically budget is due to Congress […]

Quick Hit – December 18, 2015

Congress’s Holiday Gift to Obama… Today, the Senate finalized the $1.8 trillion spending deal and tax package in a 65-33 vote. It is expected that the bipartisan legislation will be signed into law by the President shortly. Biggest takeaways… The Republicans got: Lift on long-time ban on oil exports Permanent tax breaks for business Sec. […]

Quick Hit – December 15, 2015

Race to the Finish… Late Tuesday night House Speaker Paul Ryan announced a $1.1 trillion spending bill and $500 billion tax package deal to fund the government through fall 2016. The spending legislation and tax package will go to the House, to be voted on separately, on Thursday. The bills are expected to pass despite […]