Quick Hit – September 25, 2017

The headlines continue to suggest risk abounds. If you are selling to a government customer, you mitigate risk by remaining engaged. Despite what appears to be bad news at every turn, a nearly $700B defense authorization bill (NDAA) moved through the Senate last week. While an authorization doesn’t spend, as does an appropriation, the NDAA represents strong […]

Quick Hit – September 11, 2017

After being out of office for a month, Congress returned to a significant drum of activity requiring attention in September. Time is critical for these upcoming decisions, as things both on and off the Hill are moving rapidly. See recent developments below. Natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are forcing legislators to pull their attention away from […]

Quick Hit – July 29, 2017

A busy July by any Congressional standard. Here’s a brief overview of recent legislation by the numbers: Completed House spending bills: 4 Completed Senate spending bills: 0 Total spending bills to be passed before October 1st: 12 Now take a closer look at the activity so far: The Senate had hoped to move its version […]

Quick Hit – July 6, 2017

FY18 Defense bills take important first steps Recognizing that getting all appropriations bills completed before the October 1st start of the fiscal year, Congress appears to be positioning for a security “mini-bus” comprised of Defense, Homeland Security, VA/MILCON and Energy/Water. VA/MILCON appropriations moved through committees almost without notice in June. Last week, 3 of 4 defense committees/subcommittees approved […]

Quick Hit – June 13, 2017

Political forces continue to impinge on real legislative progress on appropriations and the President’s legislative agenda.  Nine legislative workweeks remain until the new fiscal year (FY18).  Some highlights and obstacles to consider (see bold for major areas in play): What it Means The Budget Committees have yet to agree to a topline or specific allocations, […]

Quick Hit – May 26, 2017

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney How did your programs fare? After months of delay the FY18 budget arrived on Capitol Hill Tuesday, where Democrats as well as some prominent Republicans immediately declared it dead on arrival.  As with all budgets, it is a political document with political implications. Many had hoped the delay in forwarding the […]

Quick Hit – May 5, 2017

What you need to know… Yesterday, after a 79-18 vote, the Senate passed the long-awaited $1 trillion FY17 omnibus appropriation to fund the government through September. This passage came right before today’s deadline, avoiding a government shutdown. President Trump should sign the bill tonight without ceremony. Now fully six months into the 2017 fiscal year, […]

Quick Hit – April 27, 2017

Director Mulvaney (top) and Speaker Ryan (bottom) have all been working to ensure the government stays functioning. McConnell is confident the stopgap bill will provide short-term relief. What you need to know… The dynamic for FY17 defense spending to finally be approved is moving from a question of “when” to a question of “how much.” […]

Quick Hit – April 9, 2017

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer may have found common ground on FY17 appropriations, but little else. It was a busy lead-up to the two-week Congressional Easter break.  Despite the appearance of failing to pass key legislation and having to exercise a rules change in the Senate to confirm an […]

Quick Hit – April 1, 2017

With only eight legislative days left before the CR expires on April 28th, and a two-week recess between now and then, opportunities to close a funding deal are limited. While House Speaker Paul Ryan has confidently expressed there will be no shut down, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has expressed concerns about the sheer number […]