Quick Hit – March 12, 2018

Highlights Busy weeks on Capitol Hill this month. Over the past two weeks I personally observed appropriations staffs moving about their counterpart’s offices working diligently toward completing conference of the FY18 omnibus appropriation.  Their stated goal was to be complete well before the March 23rd deadline (when CR number five expires). Chairman Frelinghuysen (House Appropriations) put the heat […]

Quick Hit – February 9, 2018

The Bottom Line After a brief shutdown that occurred over night and lasted less than six hours, the Senate approved yet another stopgap funding bill early this morning with a 71-28 vote, followed by a House vote of 240-186 to send the agreement to the president’s desk. The new stopgap bill will keep federal agencies and the military running […]

Quick Hit – January 23, 2018

What It Means Shutdown politics produced no “winners” this weekend.  Perhaps C-SPAN’s audience ticked up a few notches than it otherwise might have as Congressional staffs followed the hype. The “losers” will prove to be Congressional incumbents of both parties as we approach 2018 mid-term primaries and elections. Most Americans outside of the beltway establishment are […]

Quick Hit – January 12, 2018

A fifth Continuing Resolution is in the offing. Look for the prospect of an FY18 omnibus appropriation to now move into February. Funding negotiations among House and Senate Leaders and the President continue to look dreary.  The Continuing Resolution under which the government presently operates will expire 19 January. We’ve reached the point in the timeline where a […]

Quick Hit – January 5, 2018

Severe temperatures and snow storms have welcomed us into 2018, and caused Congress to adjourn a day early in their first week back. Below are some quick updates to watch in the coming weeks. 2018 Updates The storms in the DC area forced Congress to leave a day early, but the deadline for the most […]

Quick Hit – December 22, 2017

As important legislation comes to fruition right before the end of the year, here are our latest updates on the tax reform bill and the third continuing resolution before we take a break for the holidays: Taxes The GOP tax bill passed the House yesterday afternoon with a vote of 224-201, after a procedural issue with the Senate parliamentarian rules […]

Quick Hit – December 4, 2017

Republican and Democrat leadership appear committed to averting a government shutdown.  Despite our headline above, we’ve laid back on trying to interpret or predict the future in Congress over the past couple of weeks. The dynamics have been unusual to say the least, and it has taken some time for the fog of ideological battles […]

Quick Hit – November 6, 2017

What It Means There is movement and a general sense of optimism that an omnibus appropriation will pass before the end of the year. It would not be without a few challenges along the way. Here’s the streamlined recap below: The President’s FY 2018 request for defense spending was $640B, well above theBudget Control Act (BCA) cap of $549B […]

Quick Hit – October 16, 2017

What’s the number? A fundamental disconnect among categories of numbers is the crux of the current appropriations logjam for FY18 funding. Until these numbers are reconciled, a Continuing Resolution (CR) will fund FY18 – the current CR runs through December 8th. To Review… The President requested $640B for defense,  $91B above the Budget Control Act (BCA) spending cap of $549B.   The […]

Quick Hit – October 9, 2017

Under the protection of the previously passed continuing resolution that funds the government through December 9th, work towards a final NDAA moves to conference, and the 2018 appropriations process inches forward. DEFENSE A joint House-Senate conference will begin this week to discuss and finalize details for the 2018 NDAA. All policy issues should be completed […]