Quick Hit – March 11, 2019

It’s not about “the wall.”  The wall is a political lever. Here’s what matters: The budget for FY20 has finally been released to Congress. Before going down the rabbit hole of “border wall” funding, let’s look at a few definitions and facts. The Office of Management and Budget released the FY20 “President’s Budget” today, known […]

Quick Hit – January 28, 2019

An End to the Partial Government Shutdown: The Government Reopens until Feb. 15 Shutdown Update: On January 25th, the partial government shutdown came to an end following the passage of a stopgap funding bill in the Senate and House to fund the government through Feb. 15. The 35-day long partial government shutdown, the longest in […]

Quick Hit – January 2, 2019

Government Shutdown Continues into 2019 While many are celebrating the New Year, federal employees from nine government agencies have been forced to continue to work without pay as the partial federal government shutdown enters its eleventh day absent a compromise proposal from Congress. Since December 22, negotiations to re-open about a quarter of the federal […]

Quick Hit – December 5, 2018

Some Reports of Interest International Workboat Show Capitol Integration attended the International Workboat Show last week. Having attended for the last four years, one trend was obvious – the commercial maritime and service industry is feeling the lift of an improving economy.   2018 Reagan National Defense Forum Capitol Integration attended the sixth Reagan National […]

Quick Hit – November 8, 2018

How do Midterm Election Results Impact You? 2018 Midterm Elections As as a result of Tuesday’s midterm elections, Democrats have retaken the House of Representatives, and Republicans have kept control of the Senate. While results are still incomplete from a few close races, Democrats have won more than the 218 seats needed for control of […]

Quick Hit – September 15, 2018

Appropriations Update: GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN? Maybe not this year! FY19 Appropriations Appropriations Committee leadership has deployed a clever strategy to break what could have been a massive, and widely disparaged “Omnibus,” into three “minibus” packages. Each minibus is designed to appeal to both Republicans and Democrats in the run up to the election. 9 of 12 […]

Quick Hit – August 26, 2018

Appropriations Update: FY19 Defense Appropriations takes another step forward on an uncommonly fast path to completion as the Senate passes minibus appropriations package FY19 Defense Appropriations This past Thursday, August 23rd, the Senate passed the FY19 minibus appropriations package to set spending priorities for military, labor, health, and education programs by an overwhelming majority of […]

Quick Hit – July 25, 2018

Appropriations Update: FY19 NDAA clears Conference Committee as House enters its last week in session before summer recess FY19 NDAA Defense Funding Levels (in billions) DoD Discretionary Base $616.9 DoE Discretionary Base $21.8 Other Non-Defense $0.3 NDAA Authorized Base Topline $639 Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) $69 NDAA Authorized Topline w/OCO $708.1 Defense-Related Activities Outside NDAA […]

Quick Hit – June 29, 2018

Appropriations Update: Yesterday, the Senate took a major step in the appropriations process when the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the defense subcommittee FY19 markups (30-1), as the full House passed its version later in the day (359-49). In addition, full Senate passage of the FY19 NDAA (85-10) has paved the path forward for the bill to […]

Quick Hit – June 13, 2018

Highlights: This week, The HAC convened to consider the FY19 defense appropriations bill, while the FY19 NDAA is being debated on the Senate floor. SAC-D defense appropriations markup is on track for completion in June. FY19 Defense Appropriations Bill Markup in the House Earlier today, June 13th, the House Appropriations Committee (HAC) marked the FY19 […]