Quick Hit – Dec 10, 2015

FY16 Spending Negotiations The original deadline Dec. 11 deadline for the omnibus bill is likely to be extended through the weekend to Dec. 18. Congress has been struggling to complete the spending legislation in time due to ideological contestations over certain policy riders including refugee policy, financial regulations, and Planned Parenthood funding. A short continuing […]

Quick Hit – August 1, 2015

The Grinding Gears of CongressThe House and Senate continue to tout their individual successes, passing legislation that either won’t or can’t survive the environment of the other chamber:

Quick Hit – July 2, 2015

FY 16 Authorizations and Appropriations — not yet on the same pageWe’re likely to see a compromise end game sometime in November that offers some sequester relief, but that also requires DoD to find as much as 19B (worst case) in cuts from what the President requested for FY16.