Quick Hit

Fincantierri Design Selected for FFG(X)

I’ve been describing the lumbering giant of the government machine as mostly continuing normal operations during this pandemic, albeit from remote locations. Consider that nearly 3 Trillion dollars was appropriated by Congress over the past month and a half. Hundreds of millions of dollars were directed at specific hard-hit industries, and more will follow.

Last week, contracts worth a combined 20+Billon dollars were awarded. That’s right, over 20 Billion dollars. Hundreds of millions some days; billions other days. An entirely new class of warship, the FFGX, was awarded. These awards serve validated national security needs and underwent a multi-year approval process before coming to fruition.

The awards are emblematic of one end of the budget and acquisition process – the tail end. There is a multi-year process available to companies of all sizes. It remains 100% open for business today. Are you seeing the entire opportunity in front of you?