March 25, 2020 – Stimulus check-up. Are you in?

Jump to the bottom for my gift to you during this period of isolation This Quick Hit is long because it has to be. Below are high-level details of the three COVID-19 stimulus bills. It is meant to be an easy skim, not a grueling read. Last Thursday, I shared with clients that $1 Trillion […]

Quick Hit – March 13, 2020

Beyond the Uncertainty Unfortunately, we are witnessing an epic failure of national leadership. This cannot and should not be sugar coated. Compounding the failure of leadership is a failure to communicate effectively. Actions of business leaders, sports and entertainment leaders, and markets have awakened the nation to the severity of the spread of COVID-19. This […]

Quick Hit – March 6, 2020

Coronavirus and Congress As the coronavirus continues to grow around the world and the number of cases in the US mounts, Congress worked to appropriate $7.8 billion in emergency funding to help combat the disease. The House has passed the bill in a 415-2 vote and the Senate passed it with a 96-1 vote. The […]

Quick Hit – February 17, 2020

Quick Hit – What Just Happened? You might have seen a minor blip in the news late last week as Members of Congress were departing on a one-week “district work week.” The President has asked to move $3.8B of FY20 funds from Defense to the border wall – again.  The President’s ask came in the […]

Quick Hit – February 11, 2020

The President’s FY21 Budget I wish I had coined the phrase, but believe Huntington Ingalls’ Mitch Waldman spoke it first when commenting on the five-year budget forecast that accompanied last year’s FY20 budget – “Flat is the new up!” It’s here. Monday, President Trump delivered the FY21 budget to Congress. It landed as most President’s […]

Quick Hit – January 31, 2020

Fractured Government It’s official, the balance of power between the Executive and Congressional branches of government is not equal today. It will be a generational challenge, if not longer, to find a path to restore the balance. Regardless of your position on the merits of impeachment, we are living in a period where the Executive […]

Quick Hit – January 13, 2020

Consumer Electronics Show 2020 I spent a couple of days last week at the Consumer Electronics Show. Since its inception decades ago, it has continued to attract a global attendance that exceeds 200,000 visitors, making it the largest of its type in the world. Standouts this year were large segments of show space dedicated to […]