Mastering the Trapeze Act of Timing in Federal Sales

Compared to many other kinds of sales, landing federal sales contracts is a complex process. Rather than selling just one thing to someone, you have to sell your service or product as well as influence and advantage many different people and organizations across many different domains. An intelligent and well-prepared company can launch a good […]

Highlights – House & Senate Armed Service Committees

Below is a brief senate update of the thousands of pages of draft defense authorization language working its way through the legislative process. Of note, the defense appropriations bills are not yet public and continue to undergo review at the committee level. Remember, authorizations are policy; appropriations are actual funding. Gene will remain in contact […]

What’s Normal, Anyway?

It’s hard to define what is normal anymore. For most of recent American history, we’ve taken for granted that aside from a few ups and downs here and there, we can rely on steady, predictable growth. We live in a society that is well-organized and in many ways the envy of the world. We’re accustomed […]

Becoming an “Astronomer” to Help Secure Federal Sales

Most of us probably don’t link good salesmanship and an astronomer together. When you think of astronomy, it’s easy to think of it as a complex science. When you look at the sky, there are millions of stars that are all different distances from us and in different relationships to one another. Even so, there […]

Quick Hit – June 5, 2020 – Congressional Committees Making Progress

Congressional Committees Making Progress As indicated in previous updates, Congressional committees continue their preparations for defense bill markups. Some scheduled updates across the four committees: Next week the subcommittees of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) will mark their respective sections of the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  SASC’s full committee markup should follow […]

Quick Hit – May 26, 2020 – Congress in a COVID-19 World

Congress in a COVID-19 World The House and Senate continue to have differing views on where to apply the most effective support to a nation dealing with COVID-19 in a disaggregated manner. The House passed the three trillion-dollar HEROES Act prior to Memorial Day, only to have the Senate ignore it completely. Leader McConnell referred […]

Quick Hit – May 4, 2020

Quick Hit I’ve been describing the lumbering giant of the government machine as mostly continuing normal operations during this pandemic, albeit from remote locations. Consider that nearly 3 Trillion dollars was appropriated by Congress over the past month and a half. Hundreds of millions of dollars were directed at specific hard-hit industries, and more will […]

Quick Hit – May 1, 2020

Congress Congress remains of two minds on how to best continue its work. The Senate plans to return Monday. Expect an extremely skeletal staff with most staffers continuing to work from home. The House will remain out of session and a return date has not been set. The contours of a fourth stimulus package, stimulus […]

April 16, 2020 – 2-Minute Drill

As we’ve remained appropriately distant, government functions have mostly continued. In bullet format, a few quick updates: The Senate has remained in “pro-forma” session, thereby preventing President Trump from making recess appointments to positions that otherwise require Senate confirmation. President Trump has indicated he’ll make appointments and resolve it in court The Senate has delayed […]