Quick Hit – August 1, 2015

The Grinding Gears of CongressThe House and Senate continue to tout their individual successes, passing legislation that either won’t or can’t survive the environment of the other chamber:

Quick Hit – July 2, 2015

FY 16 Authorizations and Appropriations — not yet on the same pageWe’re likely to see a compromise end game sometime in November that offers some sequester relief, but that also requires DoD to find as much as 19B (worst case) in cuts from what the President requested for FY16.

Quick Hit – June 4, 2015

Headlines Suggest Appropriations Progress – Is it Real? We will continue to see appropriations bills move through the process and pass with Republican majorities; however, a fundamental challenge of dealing with Budget Control Act (BCA) caps will bring the process to a halt in September.

Quick Hit – May 5, 2015

While the world watched for royal baby news, beltway insiders continued to track the FY16 Budget process. Finally, a Budget deal has been agreed — but primarily agreed by Republicans. The House passed the measure last week, largely along party lines (226-197) .

Quick Hit – April 28, 2015

Deal or No Deal ? Congress departed for the Easter recess period with a budget resolution nearly finally agreed – they planned to return from recess and quickly complete the “reconciliation” conference that would be passed with a simple majority in the Senate as opposed to the 60 vote threshold.

Quick Hit – March 30, 2015

March madness has a different feel on Capitol Hill – this year it has been about getting to an agreed budget. Principally at issue was whether or not Congress would adhere to sequestration “caps” required by the Budget Control Act of 2011.