Planning Your 2021 Event Schedule - Capitol Integration

Plan Your 2021 Event Schedule

You look back at your plans and your ambitious 2020 event schedule and see all the trade shows and seminars you had lined up but missed. You might think, “Hey, I’ve gone without those events this year…do I really need them after all?” You might have reallocated those 2020 travel and event funds towards capturing […]

Stimulating the Economy One Trillion - Capitol Integration

Stimulating the Economy: One Trillion

“We’re a Trillion dollars apart” You heard that correctly. In the most recent update on negotiations for a stimulus bill that might alleviate some of the pandemic’s effect on the economy, negotiations are that close…but that’s pretty far apart…or is it? The numbers can be mind-numbing. Let’s look at it from very high up in […]

Building Credibility: How's Your Golf Swing? - Gene Moran

Building Credibility: How’s Your Golf Swing?

Looking to build your credibility? When I was a teenager, I thought I learned to play golf. I had a few lessons at the municipal course and my father occasionally took me to the driving range or to play a 9-hole course. I could get around the course, but my game was never particularly pretty […]

Is the Legislative Process Working?

Congress has now begun its annual August recess, seemingly having left critical legislative work undone. While attempting to grind out additional coronavirus relief with a compromise of between $1 Trillion and $3 Trillion, Senate Republicans have proven unable to find a common voice with which to express a compromise position. The House has signaled an […]

Do You Even Have a Checklist?

We are all now living through an unimagined shock to our business, economy and general way of life. In the process, it’s important to make a checklist and ask yourself some questions.

3 Bills to Track Through the Federal Sales Process

Bills and securing a federal sales contract for your business can sometimes feel like playing three-dimensional chess. There is an entire constellation of customers to take into account, numerous relationships to manage and many overlapping timelines to follow. From the outside, what happens inside the halls of power may even seem inaccessible or outside the […]

Scanning Business Environment Patterns: Developing a Weather Eye

Scanning Business Environment Patterns: Developing a Weather Eye

When operating ships and boats, weather is always a consideration; sometimes underlying, sometimes front and center. Changes in weather can appear subtle, and then suddenly forceful. To the unprepared, a storm can appear to have popped up without warning. That’s rarely the case, yet boaters find themselves in precarious positions all too often due to […]

Mastering the Trapeze Act of Timing in Federal Sales

Compared to many other kinds of sales, landing federal sales contracts is a complex process. Rather than selling just one thing to someone, you have to sell your service or product as well as influence and advantage many different people and organizations across many different domains. An intelligent and well-prepared company can launch a good […]

What’s Normal, Anyway?

It’s hard to define what is normal anymore. For most of recent American history, we’ve taken for granted that aside from a few ups and downs here and there, we can rely on steady, predictable growth. We live in a society that is well-organized and in many ways the envy of the world. We’re accustomed […]

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