Whether You’re Selling to the Department of Defense or Homeland Security (or any federal agency)…

When you’re pitching your defense product or service solutions to the U.S. Federal Government, you have more success when you think as your customer does – you need a plan!

Walking into an opportunity without understanding the budget environment and complexity of the terrain, you will likely be disappointed with your government sales. Don’t let this happen to you!

My deep military operational experience, corporate government relations background, and direct support of companies like yours provide me with unique abilities. I help defense and security clients navigate the entire funding spectrum and successfully receive funding from the federal government.

My career includes over two decades in the Washington, DC environment:

  • Preparing and implementing successful federal engagements leading to tangible funding and policy outcomes.
  • Leading corporate government relations and overseeing dozens of program and policy interests at a large defense company, DRS Technologies/Finmeccanica (now Leonardo DRS).
  • Representing the entire U.S. Navy to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives in multiple leadership positions as a senior Naval officer.
  • Coordinating complex issues across the Federal budget process and Congressional authorization and appropriations processes culminating in increased sales and favorable policy outcomes.
  • Routinely facilitating enhanced budget outcomes of large- and small-scale programs of the nation’s most sophisticated weapons systems for the U.S. Navy, as a corporate Prime vendor and as a corporate Prime partner.

Avoid wasted investment, lost time, and flat or declining federal sales.